“Andrew Chapel MDO & Preschool has been an incredible blessing to our family for the past 8 years. All 3 of our children started in the MDO program and have gone all the way through the Preschool. Every year they were met with love, compassion, and excitement from their teachers.”    – Meredith Craven

“Andrew Chapel Preschool is an outstanding program and we are so grateful that our family was able to be a part of this special community for three years.  The teachers and staff are so warm and friendly and very kind and compassionate towards the children; we feel like it is a home away from home for them.  It is the perfect mix of fun and learning – the kids come home excited to tell us what they learned in class that day and how much fun they have with their friends.  The staff also goes out of its way to plan exciting things for the kids, whether it be a petting zoo, magic show, holiday celebrations or after school activities like yoga or STEAM lab.  It is an amazing place and we will always treasure our time here!” – Catherine & Andrew Hamilton

“Our family is so happy we found Andrew Chapel preschool back when our oldest daughter was ready to start Mother’s Day Out. We knew from the moment we walked in the doors it would be a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment for our children. And now that we’ve had two of our children “graduate” from Andrew Chapel preschool, we know that it is also an amazing launching pad to Kindergarten (and beyond!). We love the entire staff at Andrew Chapel and we love how much they adore their students.”   – The Matthews Family

“My daughter is in her third year at Andrew Chapel, and each year it seems like she loves it even more. The teachers are fantastic, and the activities they offer are beyond what I’ve heard of at other schools. I’m so glad my son will get to experience the same thing over the next three years!”  – Rebecca

“Andrew Chapel Preschool will forever be in my family’s heart. Over the course of seven years, my three children attended and cherished the Mother’s Day Out Program and the Preschool. With love and compassion, Andrew Chapel helps each child to flourish. Both academics and social/emotional development are at the forefront of the program, attending to various needs of the children. My children enjoyed the ebullient and creative teachers, the exciting enrichment experiences and the day-to-day fun in learning at Andrew Chapel.”  – Cindy

“Andrew Chapel has been the best decision for my daughter!  I started her in mothers day out when she was 1, she is now in her last year and I’m already so sad to be leaving!  The wonderful environment has made my daughter grow from a timid, shy child into a super confident, bright, happy, well-socialized kid that is more than ready for kindergarten!  Everyone is so kind and loving, from the teachers to the directors, Nancy & Geoff.  I’m thankful for the time my daughter had at Andrew Chapel and wholeheartedly would recommend this preschool!”  – Tien Tran